Fighting to save hopes, dreams and people’s livelihoods is a gut-wrenching experience. Your business may not have reached that point yet, but management may recognize marketplace and financial challenges exist, and the business hasn’t adapted.

No matter what’s holding you back or threatening the financial health of your business, Marcum’s trusted advisors can help you turn things around so your business is viable again. Many challenging situations are recoverable by significantly restructuring or realigning your business model to match the new reality of today’s competitive market. Marcum’s team brings a diverse set of credentials and years of experience in strategically analyzing businesses to get your business to the right outcome.

Restructuring businesses is a Marcum strength.

As one of the nation’s largest independent accounting and advisory firms, Marcum works with successful companies every day, from small and midsized firms to larger, publicly held entities. We know what works and are knowledgeable about industry trends. Marcum professionals work collaboratively with you to help you achieve your most challenging business goals and objectives.

Need to get your business on solid financial footing again? Worried your business model is no longer sound? Short of cash because all your liquidity goes to pay down your debt?

Need professional assistance to restructure your future? Ask Marcum.


Regardless of why your business is struggling, Marcum’s seasoned professionals objectively and strategically analyze your operations and the people who drive results. Change is almost always needed to help a business refocus and redefine itself.

The Marcum restructuring team works with your lenders, banks and vendors, but also assesses what adjustments may need to be made to your business model so you’re in step with where the market is going. Under performing parts of the business, products or services may be dragging it down. A divestiture might allow you to focus on the core business while bringing an infusion of cash. People with new talents and skills might be needed to help the company grow and transform.

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Typical Marcum restructuring services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Turnaround strategy development
  • Contingency and scenario planning
  • Customer profiling and market assessment
  • Financial modeling and working capital strategy
  • Bank covenant analyses and lender assistance


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Ethan  Brysgel

Ethan Brysgel

National Financial Accounting & Advisory
Services Leader

  • Advisory
  • New Haven, CT
Michael  Discepolo

Michael Discepolo


  • Advisory
  • New Haven, CT
David  Mustin

David Mustin

Vice President - Strategic IT Consulting

  • Marcum Technology
  • Cleveland, OH