Marcum Technology consultants are focused on helping you reach your company’s full potential by exploring creative ways to integrate tomorrow’s technology into your business today, securely and efficiently – for immediate impact.

Marcum’s team searches for innovative ways to help your business become more responsive, profitable and sustainable. We can re-innovate a process or system where the need for a solution isn’t apparent. Recommend cutting-edge solutions. And integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and data analytics into your processes and procedures to help drive efficiency, support new approaches to business analysis and growth planning, and enable true transformation.

Technology at Marcum is about much more than any specific infrastructure, system, software program, or application. Our team approach is designed to help you embrace change and deliver the actionable insights and additional value that helps your organization grow and succeed.

Are you truly positioned for success? Start the conversation about a more strategic, tech-savvy approach to your business. Ask Marcum.

Digital Advisory Services

Today, your business has nearly unlimited opportunity to grow or transform using current and next-generation digital technologies. If you can imagine it, Marcum can help you get there through today’s technology.

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Infrastructure Solutions & Services

When you work with Marcum Technology, you have access to comprehensive services ranging from infrastructure needs analysis, planning, design, installation, integration and deployment, to support and training—the full array of services that can elevate your user experience to a new state of operational excellence.

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Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

Clients come to Marcum Technology to secure their technology infrastructure, improve their overall security posture and investigate incidents. They look to Marcum for advice and counsel regarding their compliance-related needs.

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MarcumTech Innovation Insider

Helping business leaders build value for their organization through technology insights.


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Ted  Carlson

Ted Carlson

President, NY Region

  • Marcum Technology
  • Melville, NY
Rob  Drover

Rob Drover

Vice President - Business Solutions

  • Marcum Technology
  • Philadelphia, PA
Joseph  Giella

Joseph Giella

Vice President - Data Protection Strategy

  • Marcum Technology
  • Melville, NY
Jaike  Hornreich

Jaike Hornreich

Director - Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

  • Marcum Technology
  • Tampa, FL
Frederick  Johnson

Frederick Johnson

Vice President - Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

  • Marcum Technology
  • Costa Mesa, CA
Michael  Lappin

Michael Lappin

Vice President – Strategic Partnerships

  • Marcum Technology
  • Melville, NY
George N. Louris

George N. Louris

Vice President of Technology

  • Marcum Technology
  • Melville, NY
Waqqas  Mahmood

Waqqas Mahmood

Director - Strategic IT Consulting

  • Marcum Technology
  • Rockville, MD
David  Mustin

David Mustin

Vice President - Strategic IT Consulting

  • Marcum Technology
  • Cleveland, OH
Peter  Rothman

Peter Rothman

Chief Operating Officer

  • Marcum Technology
  • Melville, NY
Peter  Scavuzzo

Peter Scavuzzo

Chief Executive Officer, Marcum Technology
Principal, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Marcum LLP

  • Melville, NY
Buu-Linh  Tran

Buu-Linh Tran

Vice President - Financial Solutions

  • Marcum Technology
  • Rockville, MD