Complex and highly technical finance and accounting issues can bog you down, eat up valuable time and cause added stress.

Marcum Financial Accounting & Advisory Services professionals supply the skills you need—technical knowledge, experience, and problem-solving ability—to quickly resolve complex finance and accounting issues. At the same time, they assist you in strengthening your organization’s operational effectiveness and collaborative environment.

Adopting new accounting rules and standards like ASC 606 (Revenue) or 842 (Leasing) is easier with experienced professionals at your side to help guide you and lighten the work load. In addition, Marcum consultants can help you modify systems and processes, as necessary, and ensure your staff understands the full financial impact of any changes.

Complex accounting issues Marcum can help you address include:

  • Debt and equity financing.
  • Revenue recognition.
  • Business combinations.
  • Stock options and equity awards.
  • Hedge fund accounting.
  • Variable interest entity assessments.
  • Tax reporting, and more.

With Marcum professionals on your team, there’s no need to struggle to allocate your in-house resources to manage the research, resolutions and documentation complex accounting matters require. Every day, we help organizations like yours deal with finance and technical accounting complexity.

So whether you’re short-handed, lacking the necessary skills in-house, or you can’t afford to pull staff from other high-value projects, ask Marcum.

Technical Consulting and Special Project Management Services

Complex Accounting Issues

We can research, document conclusions, and implement related processes for complex accounting issues, examples include:

  • Debt and equity financings.
  • Revenue recognition matters.
  • Business combinations.
  • Hedge accounting.
  • Accounting for stock compensation.
  • Variable Interest Entity assessments.
  • Equity method accounting.

External & Internal Reporting Processes

We can manage all aspects of internal and external financial reporting for private companies and SEC reporting, including the review of each business process, and recommendation and implementation of process improvements. The key to stress-free closing and reporting is implementing the appropriate processes, getting the right resources in place and energizing the organization to meet the required timelines. We can lead these efforts or provide any needed assistance while overseeing any required audits or reviews. Here are a sample of the reporting processes in which we have significant experience:

Preparing and submitting SEC filings (or other external requirements)

  • 10Ks.
  • 10Qs.
  • All debt and equity filings.
  • Offering memorandum.
  • IPO related filings.

Preparing and submitting SEC filings (or other external requirements)

  • Monthly reporting packages outlining key performance indicators.
  • Board and Audit Committee presentations.
  • Proposed budgets and financial modeling.
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting.

Transaction Services

We offer a full range of transactional services to assist in addressing all financial and non-financial matters that occur pre or post transaction. Our core transaction services for buyers and sellers includes:

  • Due diligence and quality of earnings reports.
  • Valuation services.
  • Deal negotiation.
  • Opening balance sheet audits.
  • Financial models of acquired business, including budget and cash flow forecast.
  • Purchase accounting, integration and subsequent accounting procedures.

Internal Control and SOX Compliance

Marcum’s Risk Advisory Services helps Audit Committees, CFOs, audit executives and management improve their business operations; mitigate risks; enhance control effectiveness; provide best practice solutions; perform risk assessments; and manage compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures:

  • Internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing.
  • Internal audit department start-up.
  • SOX compliance project planning and management.
  • SOX documentation, evaluation, testing and remediation of risks and controls.

Other Services

We can lead or assist with virtually any finance or accounting related special project. Here is just a sample of the engagements in which we have experience:

  • ERP system implementation (SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, QuickBooks, Great Plains).
  • IPO services including readiness, process planning, and execution.
  • Carve out financials.
  • Corporate restructurings.
  • Consolidation services.
  • Assisting your team with any difficult accounting, reporting, or operational need.


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Ethan Brysgel

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