Marcum assists in marital dissolution situations of all kinds, including high-profile cases involving parties with business and financial ties across a wide range of industries. Divorce can significantly alter the financial positions of everyone involved. Marcum’s partners and associates strike just the right balance between compassion and pragmatic financial analysis.

Assisting you with your settlement are senior Marcum team members who hold many different accreditations, including but not limited to: Business Valuation, Certified Fraud Examiner, CPA, and MBA. Our experienced tax advisors, and/or personal financial specialists with extensive experience ferreting out undisclosed assets. Marcum also assists during discovery and prepares counsel for settlement conferences, mediation and, if needed, trial.

Strategic Focus

Your best interests aren’t served when a case drags on and on. Extensive experience enables our team to quickly focus on the key strategic elements of each case and grasp the requirements of those going to mediation or trial, if necessary. Using their extensive experience, engagement team leaders work closely with you or your attorney to decide whether your case could be settled or taken to trial.

Access to Marcum’s Full Range of Experienced Professionals

On a case by case basis, Marcum leverages the expertise of our partners and associates throughout the firm. It is not unusual for Marcum tax professionals to assist with identification and resolution of IRS issues—amending past returns or facilitating a voluntary disclosure. Our computer forensic specialists can also trace emails, documents and deleted information. During and after the dissolution, you can benefit from our tax advice and financial planning services.

Together, these groups, and others, provide assistance the marital dissolution team needs for successful mediation and trial support, which can significantly influence the outcome of your case.

With so much at stake, choose compassionate, experienced, pragmatic professionals focused on the strategic elements of your case.

Collaborative Law Assistance in Marital Dissolutions

The Collaborative Law for Marital Dissolutions is an alternative to the litigation process for marital dissolutions where the parties and their attorneys agree in writing to resolve all matters arising from a marital dissolution outside of court. If the parties and attorneys are unable to do so, the attorneys agree to resign, and the parties can pursue their dissolution through the legal system.

In collaborative marital dissolution cases, the role of the neutral financial professional can be filled by a Certified Public Accountant, who has also been trained in the collaborative law process. This individual assists in the collection of financial information and the resolution of financial issues identified by the parties and the neutral financial professional.

Marcum has several neutral financial professionals trained in collaborative law. In addition, we use a proven system that enables the neutral financial professional to work with the attorneys and interested parties to achieve resolution of issues expeditiously and minimize conflict. Marcum’s senior team members who hold multiple accreditations, including but not limited to: Business Valuation, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner and/or Personal Financial Specialist.

Depending on the needs of your case, your Marcum team works with other Marcum professionals to offer you more additional services. Marcum professionals dedicated to this practice area understand the complexities and sophistication of marital dissolution matters.


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Nancy  Fannon

Nancy Fannon

Valuation, Forensic and Litigation Support Leader

  • Advisory
  • Portland, ME
Marc  Breslow

Marc Breslow

Partner-in-Charge, Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Services, SE Region

  • Advisory
  • Miami, FL
Cecelia  Garber

Cecelia Garber


  • Advisory
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
David  Glusman

David Glusman


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
Ilan  Hirschfeld

Ilan Hirschfeld

Partner-in-Charge, Advisory - New Jersey

  • Advisory
  • Neptune, NJ
Arlen  Lasinsky

Arlen Lasinsky


  • Advisory
  • Deerfield, IL
Kenneth J. Pia, Jr.

Kenneth J. Pia, Jr.

Business Valuation Industry Leader

  • Advisory
  • New Haven, CT
Robert A. Ranallo

Robert A. Ranallo


  • Advisory
  • Cleveland, OH
Daniel  Roche

Daniel Roche

National Business Valuation Leader

  • Advisory
  • Roseland, NJ
Bradford  Taylor

Bradford Taylor


  • Advisory
  • Boston, MA
Edward  Waddington

Edward Waddington


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA