Almost no issue causes the C-suite more heartburn than protecting an organization’s sensitive information – client and competitive information, intellectual property, employees’ personal data, and more. It’s increasingly difficult to safeguard data in an environment where technology advances at warp speed and major breaches seem like everyday occurrences.

Some degree of risk is unavoidable. But organizations that fail to take the steps necessary to protect their data face potential state and federal fines and penalties. Damage to their reputations and bottom lines could threaten their very existence.

With the stakes so high, you need an independent, knowledgeable advisor at your side. Marcum’s team of experienced Data Privacy & Compliance professionals bring new perspectives. They help your team identify and remediate network vulnerabilities, helping you minimize risks.

Using a holistic approach, Marcum addresses security related to your people, processes and technology.

Marcum Data Privacy & Compliance Services