Transactions are designed to create additional business value. To achieve that goal, it’s imperative to bring the organizations together as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Integration is an unbelievably complex undertaking, and no two integration strategies, processes or structures will be identical. The right integration strategy and structure for your transaction depends entirely on the transaction type, the cultures and processes of the organizations coming together, and careful attention to the diverse needs of customers, employers and other stakeholders.

The post-transaction integration process is too important to “go it alone.” For a practical, effective integration strategy and plan that captures your transaction’s value, ask Marcum. You’ll be glad you did.

Marcum’s Post-Merger or Acquisition Integration Services team has extensive experience with domestic and international transactions across industries. Our integration methodology and tools can help you minimize risk and achieve your transaction goals by:

Creating an effective integration strategy and structure

  1. A strategy aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and flexible enough to handle unforeseen events; and
  2. A structure and team for an integration Project Management Office (PMO).

Establishing an integration plan for all activities

Designed to help you successfully manage change and reach your ultimate goal as quickly as possible, the plan includes:

  1. Collaboration between cross-functional teams;
  2. All necessary activities to be addressed by HR, IT, finance, communications, etc.; and,
  3. Timelines that hold integration team members accountable for results.

Implementing post-close value creation

This includes changes to the new entity’s management team, eliminating redundant processes and functions, combining and improving IT, financial reporting, tax, sales and other processes identified during the pre-close due diligence process, and more.

Monitoring and communicating integration progress

The Integration PMO monitors the cross-functional team’s progress, keeping teams engaged and apprised of integration progress.


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