The Research and Development Tax Credit is often overlooked, but it can provide enormous benefits to companies that recognize its potential. Typically, organizations claim less tax benefit than they’re entitled to or, even worse, believe they don’t qualify because research and development isn’t their main business. In addition to the federal tax credits, many states have enacted generous credit programs, and some are refundable even if you haven’t paid taxes.

Marcum has helped our clients save more than $200 million using the Research & Development Tax Credit.

R&D Credits Available in Marcum Office Regions*

*States have unique qualifying limitations.

Industries where we’ve helped clients claim the credit

  • Business and Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products (Food & Beverage, Cannabis, Retail & Apparel, Arts & Entertainment)
  • Financial Services (Fintech, Alternative Investments, Broker/Dealer, Financial Institutions, Insurance)
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Distribution (Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing/Wholesale/Distribution, Transportation)
  • Private Equity
  • Technology & Life Sciences (Data & Analytics, Software Development)
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What types of activities qualify?

  • Investing in resources for new or improved products.
  • Investing to develop new or improved manufacturing or service processes.
  • Investing in software and software-related technology – i.e., Artificial Intelligence, financial modeling, fin-tech applications, security protocols, and more.
  • Efforts to improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce scrap, and implement techniques like “lean,” “green,” “Kaizen,” and “Kanban.”
  • Owning existing patents or patents pending.
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William  Kuhlman

William Kuhlman

R&D Tax Credits Leader

  • Tax & Business
  • Philadelphia, PA
Peter  Downing

Peter Downing

National Principal-in-Charge, Tax Credits & Incentives

  • Tax & Business
  • Costa Mesa, CA
John  Eckweiler

John Eckweiler


  • Tax & Business
  • Costa Mesa, CA
Barry  Fischman

Barry Fischman


  • Tax & Business
  • New Haven, CT
Diane  Giordano

Diane Giordano


  • Tax & Business
  • Melville, NY
James  Lundy

James Lundy


  • Tax & Business
  • Nashville, TN
Gary  Rose

Gary Rose

Partner-in-Charge, Healthcare Tax Services

  • Tax & Business
  • Deerfield, IL
Jill  Scher

Jill Scher


  • Tax & Business
  • Melville, NY
Jeffrey  Winkleman

Jeffrey Winkleman

Partner-in-Charge, Corporate Taxation

  • Tax & Business
  • Philadelphia, PA