More often than not, technology is viewed as a necessary expense. Rarely is technology positioned as a tool to create organizational value.

At Marcum Technology, our consultants are first and foremost business people who also know technology from the inside out. Years of business experience across industries equips us to understand your challenges and recognize significant opportunities so we can help guide you to the best solutions to meet your strategic objectives.

Technology investments should lead to greater success; market-differentiating capabilities like enhanced customer, member and employee experiences; and competitive advantages. Marcum’s Strategic IT Consulting practice puts people before technology as we address your current needs and position you for unknown and unforeseen future needs. Partnering with Marcum’s industry leaders, our technology consultants take the time to learn more about your unique business, processes and culture to not only meet your technology needs, but also address your most complex business challenges.

Marcum’s consultants work with business owners and C-suite executives, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and private equity firms to address your needs with modern up-to-date technology platforms. Platforms that scale with your organization, incorporate current and innovative applications, are grounded in sound data and process architecture, and protected by uncompromising cyber and physical security.

Marcum is your single-source technology advisor with full service capabilities and the wisdom and experience necessary to completely understand the issues surrounding your finance, operational, sales and marketing challenges, and the technology required. After all, Marcum Technology is affiliated with Marcum LLP, one of the nation’s largest independent public accounting and advisory firms, with offices in major U.S. markets and in select international locations.

Isn’t it time to be more strategic about your technology environment? For more information, contact [email protected].

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David  Mustin

David Mustin

Vice President - Strategic IT Consulting

  • Marcum Technology
  • Cleveland, OH