It’s been proven that more than 50% of tax credits and incentives go unclaimed every year.

Marcum helps you take advantage of less obvious opportunities to reduce costs and generate refunds. You’ll receive valuable insights on how to unlock and secure favorable incentive packages – tax and non-tax savings opportunities for job creation, research, training and other qualified expenses.

Busy companies often overlook tax credits and incentives as ways to lower costs. Especially when there’s a general business or economic slowdown, opportunities arise to take advantage of tax incentives that can positively impact the bottom line, including ways to:

  • Avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Obtain immediate tax refunds.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Improve earnings before interest and tax, net income and shareholder value.
  • Enhance the economic value of company initiatives.

The Research & Development Tax Credit

Marcum has saved clients millions of dollars using the R&D Tax Credit. And, you may not realize it, but this tax credit is available to companies in a wide variety of industries. It’s not just for R&D firms.

The Research and Development Tax Credit is often overlooked, but it can provide enormous benefits to companies that recognize its potential. Typically, organizations claim less tax benefit than they’re entitled to or, even worse, believe they don’t qualify because research and development isn’t their main business.

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Payroll-Based Tax Credits

All U.S. taxpayers with employees paid via Form W-2 are eligible for specific “payroll-based” tax credits. Each tax year, hundreds of millions of dollars in potential tax credits are unclaimed from the U.S. Treasury.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is an often-overlooked payroll-based tax credit.

Federal Empowerment Zone Tax Credit

Created in 1996, the Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) Tax Credit can be claimed in the 40 U.S. Federal Empowerment Zones.

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State-by-State Tax Credits & Incentives

Individual states offer tax credits and incentives (deductions, credits and exemptions) to companies in numerous industries. States use them to attract new businesses and add jobs that bolster their economies.

Taking advantage of tax credit opportunities can be challenging, however, because the types of credits and incentives in each state and rules for qualifying vary greatly.

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Employee Retention Tax Credit

New tax laws make claiming the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) easier and more accessible for small businesses.

Employers carrying on a trade or business, regardless of size, can claim the tax credit. Special guidelines for “large employers” restrict the wage base for the credit. Tax-exempt organizations are also eligible.

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