Certifiable Assurance for Tangible Trust

In the digital era, trust is the new benchmark for success. Ensuring transparency and operational excellence is not just aspirational; it’s imperative. Marcum’s HITRUST Assessment Services are the key to unlocking the confidence your clients demand and the streamlined effectiveness your organization desires.

Addressing Your Challenges Head-On

The journey to HITRUST certification can appear daunting, especially with limited resources. At Marcum, we understand the weight of these challenges. That’s why we’ve crafted a suite of services to simplify your path to HITRUST certification, propelling your business forward without unnecessary roadblocks.

Our Approach to HITRUST Compliance

Phase 1: Defining the Scope

Start your HITRUST journey with clarity. Our process includes an extensive review of your operations to align with HITRUST CSF requirements. We’ll determine the exact scope of your engagement, identify critical data and its flows, evaluate third-party risks, and strategize on network segmentation. This phase sets the foundation for a comprehensive security assessment.

Phase 2: Facilitated Readiness-Assessment

Leverage our experience for an accurate readiness-assessment. Marcum’s Certified CSF Assessors guide you through policy reviews, compliance gap analysis, and maturity level scoring. We check to make sure every detail is accounted for and documented, setting the stage for a smooth validation process.

Phase 3: Validation Assessment

Our seasoned assessors conduct rigorous testing of your controls, providing clear communication and validating remediation efforts. With our validation assessment, your business can stand proudly behind its security posture.

Phase 4: Submission and Quality Assurance

Experience the peace of mind that comes with Marcum’s detailed validation report submission. Our rigorous internal QA methodology improves the likelihood of a certification decision by pre-emptively resolving any issues. We collaborate closely with HITRUST to respond swiftly to QA inquiries, solidifying your compliance status.

Phase 5: Interim and Rapid Re-Certification Assessments

Stay compliant with Marcum’s follow-up assessments. Timely reviews ensure continued adherence to HITRUST requirements, giving stakeholders continued assurance of your commitment to information security.

Detail-Oriented, Surprise-Free Assessments

Our readiness assessments are meticulous and designed to track and manage every step of your certification journey. With Marcum, surprises are a thing of the past.

Industry Leadership and Inside Knowledge

As leaders in the HITRUST space, our dedicated team doesn’t just apply the framework; we’re actively involved in its evolution. Our seat on the HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Council offers us early insights and a voice in program updates—a benefit we pass directly to you.

Elevate Your Organization with Marcum’s Expertise

Choose Marcum for a partnership that brings credibility, clarity, and confidence to your HITRUST certification journey. We position your business as a beacon of trust in an ever-evolving digital world.

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