Every day, organizations of all types and sizes, in all sectors and geographies, are exposed to cyber threats. These threats come from malicious external parties, insiders and trusted employees. Make no mistake, everyone is exposed.

Clients come to Marcum Technology to secure their technology infrastructure, improve their overall security posture and investigate incidents. They look to Marcum for advice and counsel regarding their compliance-related needs. Just as often, they’re seeking the peace of mind that comes from taking effective, proactive steps to mitigate the risk of a data breach or other negative event that can harm their businesses or their reputations. They want to make sure their security strategies and programs measure up.

Plan for and respond to threats.

Marcum’s experienced cybersecurity and digital forensic specialists help you plan for and respond to the latest cybersecurity and digital threats.

In today’s high-threat business environment, managing, investigating, and mitigating risk is paramount. For more information, contact [email protected].

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Services

With the stakes so high, you need an independent, knowledgeable advisor at your side. Marcum’s experienced cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals bring your organization fresh perspectives. They assist your team in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, helping you minimize risks. And, collaborating with your staff, our professionals focus on emerging risks — threats like the Internet of Things, mobile malware and geopolitical threats. Marcum’s professionals are experienced investigators for litigation matters, and regardless of the situation, can prepare easy to understand reports and provide expert testimony at the conclusion of your investigation.

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