Welcome to Marcum, an environment that encourages new beginnings and stretches the untapped potential within.

Where there is constant opportunity, diversity and respect, while challenging you right from the start. Our employees are trained to be highly skilled individuals who care about themselves and their work product.

As a Marcum team member, you’ll receive a benefits package that includes health, dental, and vision insurance, short and long-term disability insurance,life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and transit benefits, as well as paid time off, a 401(k) plan with an employer contribution, and a profit sharing plan.

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What Marcum's staff thinks about working at a mid-size firm?

There are several advantages to working at a mid-size firm when starting your career.

Marcum U

At Marcum, every associate is blazing a trail. Our careers are uncharted adventures that require tenacity, courage and constant growth. As we move from sea level, past basecamp, across the rugged terrain of the foothills and ascend the mountains of our careers, we need tools and guidance. Marcum’s Learning and Organizational Development department is focused on supporting an engaging and empowering in‐house training program (Marcum U) that allows each professional the opportunity to be on a learning adventure that spans their career and challenges themselves to grow and explore at their own pace. Marcum provides associate the tools to be the best professional possible, preparing associates to navigate their futures.

Programs included in Marcum U: Technical and Essential Training, External CPE Opportunities, CPA Review Programs, Train the Trainer, Trusted Advisor Program, Talent Advising/Coaching Programs and more.

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