Marcum’s Alternative Investment Group is unique in its focus.

Assisting alternative investment advisors isn’t just a part of what we do, it is ALL that we do. We focus our expertise on the audit, tax, and consulting needs of emerging and established fund managers. Since this is our specialty, we are superior in our expertise and nimble in our technique.

Marcum’s highly-respected team of professionals can help you meet the challenges of starting or managing your fund. Our thought leaders are recognized experts, frequent speakers at industry conferences and often quoted in trade publications. In today’s environment of increased regulation and changing rules, Marcum’s Alternative Investment Group stays on the cutting edge of relevant policies, practices and procedures.

In addition to our core audit and tax services, Marcum’s Alternative Investment Group is able to accommodate project demands from firms that are watching their costs more closely. They appreciate the quality service that an independent accounting firm of our size is prepared to offer, while containing costs and maximizing efficiencies.

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An Industry Leader

With our bench strength of knowledgeable professionals dedicated exclusively to the Alternative Investment Group, we’ve established a reputation as an industry leader. Our experience with myriad complex investments has allowed us to carve out a niche practice area in hedge funds and private investment partnerships. We individually tailor a wide range of services to meet each of our client’s needs.

We understand that the risks, hard work, and costs of startups are daunting, and we’re sensitive to your concerns. That’s why, at Marcum, we’re committed to working with you to achieve an affordable solution.

Our Commitment

The Marcum services team is driven by this set of core values to achieve a positive client experience.

  • Professionalism.
  • Integrity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Responsiveness and accessibility.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Industry specialization.
  • Community service.

Hedge Fund

  • State Society of CPA leadership roles and committees on alternative investments.
  • Hedge Fund Association.
  • California Hedge Fund Association.
  • The Alliance of Alternative Asset Professionals (TAAAPs) – a non-profit organization founded to provide education and up-to-date market information to professionals in the alternative investment industry.
  • Hedge Funds Care – an international charity, supported largely by the alternative investment industry.
  • 100 Women in Hedge Funds – a global non-profit organization providing alternative investment management investors and professionals with educational, professional leverage and philanthropic initiatives.

Global Resources

As Marcum’s national practice continues to grow, so do our international capabilities. We offer a full range of assurance, tax and advisory services to clients operating businesses offshore as well as those headquartered abroad who seek financing in the U.S. markets. Because of the need for more localized service, Marcum has an office in Grand Cayman, specifically for Cayman-domiciled funds. Through these international locations, as well as our affiliation with LEA Global, our aim is to give you service excellence, no matter where in the world your business takes you. Additionally, Marcum RBK (Ireland) is perfectly positioned to assist both mature funds and managers needing to navigate the process of establishing a new fund in Ireland, including optimizing the fund’s structure.



  • Certified audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements.
  • Verification of performance results.
  • Advising on regulatory issues.
  • Assessments of internal controls.
  • SSAE 16 reports – Types 1 and 2.
  • Surprise custody examinations.
  • Engagements for agreed upon procedures.


  • Fund formation and structuring, including evaluations of and recommendations for attorneys, prime brokers, fund administrators and other industry service providers.
  • Fund document review.
  • Financial operations and compliance review.
  • Regulatory registration, including offshore jurisdictions.
  • Industry best practices.
  • Compensation and ownership planning for the firm and the management team.


  • Preparation of fund, management company, general partner and principals tax returns and K-1s.
  • Innovative tax planning.
  • Structuring entities.
  • Partner tax allocations.
  • ASC 740 (a.k.a. FIN 48) analysis.
  • Tax and retirement planning for business and principals.

Additional Services

  • Family Wealth Services.
  • Valuations and Forensic Accounting.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisor Registration.
  • Financial Operations and Compliance.


Private Investment Forum

Project Services

Marcum's Alternative Investment Group is able to accommodate project demands from larger hedge funds, private equity funds, and funds of funds that are watching their costs.

They appreciate the quality service that an independent accounting firm of our size is prepared to offer while containing costs and maximizing efficiencies. Registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ("PCAOB"), Marcum has received unqualified PCAOB reports and on its peer reviews, which means that we practice according to the highest standards of our profession.

Registered Investment Adviser Projects

  • Surprise custody examinations.
  • SSAE 16 Reports - Types 1 and 2.
  • Internal control reviews.
  • Financial statement preparation and liaison between auditor and firm.
  • Broker/Dealer and Investment Adviser registration and financial operations compliance.

Management Company Projects

  • Consultation on and review of taxable implications of event-driven transactions.
  • Tax preparation.
  • Individual tax returns for principals.
  • Family wealth services for principals, including educational tax advisory sessions.
  • CFO "project" outsourcing.
  • New regulation advisory.
  • Evaluation and re-assessment of firm "retirement" plan - potential advantages of Defined Benefit vs. 401K.

Fund Projects

  • New fund launches and document review.
  • Consultation on structuring entities.
  • Financial operations and compliance review.
  • Verification of performance results.
  • ASC 740 (a.k.a. FIN 48) analysis for non-audit clients.
  • Consultation on foreign reporting obligations.

Why Choose Marcum?

As a new fund manager, you face a massive challenge to remain compliant with complex partnership and securities tax issues, financial reporting requirements, and partnership agreements. With increased regulation and compliance rules, Marcum’s Alternative Investment Group works for you by proactively staying on the cutting edge of relevant policies, practices, and procedures.

Marcum’s highly-respected team of professionals will help you meet the challenges of starting or managing your fund. Consider who’ll be working hard to help you realize your success:

  • Thought leaders who are recognized experts in the industry.
  • Technical experts in the area of fund reporting and taxation who ensure that you are compliant with the complex terms of fund documents and IRS requirements.
  • Professionals committed to delivering the highest level of personal service.
  • A team whose responsiveness and accessibility is unmatched by our competitors.
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