Whether your business operates in all 50 states, a few, or just one, trying to stay current and compliant with income and non-income tax laws and regulations can be time-consuming and often frustrating. The laws are complicated and ever-changing—no matter your business type—C or S corporation, partnership or sole proprietor.

After thoroughly assessing your state and local tax (SALT) needs, Marcum professionals focus on creating a comprehensive and effective tax compliance plan for your business.

Time to reassess your SALT strategy and compliance plan? Ask Marcum.

Snapshot of Key State & Local Tax Services

  • Nexus reviews.
  • Review of apportionment methodology.
  • Audit defense.
  • Voluntary disclosure.
  • SALT due diligence reviews in purchase or sales of businesses.
  • Tax provisions and ASC 740 financial statement disclosure.
  • E-commerce and internet sales SALT issues.
  • Combined/consolidated income tax reporting analysis.
  • SALT incentives and exemptions.
  • Sales tax compliance review.
  • Financial statement disclosure under FAS 5 (Accounting for Contingencies).
  • Taxability studies.
  • Use tax.
  • E-commerce sales.
  • Exemption certificates.
  • Reverse audits.
  • Due diligence in business acquisition or sale.
  • Property tax review.
  • Escheat tax.
  • Unclaimed Property

Income/Franchise Tax

Marcum’s SALT team approaches your income/franchise tax situation focused on innovative and value-driven tax planning strategies. Our approach is tailored to fit your business needs, ranging from individual tax clients with Forms K-1 from multi-state pass-through entities to multi-state publicly traded corporations.

You receive recommendations for optimal tax and business alternatives designed to reduce your effective state tax rate and increase earnings. Along the way, your Marcum tax advisor informs you about the ever-changing tax law landscape and keeps you up-to-date on the most relevant changes affecting your business.

Sales Tax

Marcum’s Sales & Use Tax consultants have a deep understanding of sales tax laws, including the Wayfair decision. Many are former tax department auditors or supervisors, or experienced tax consultants. They’re uniquely qualified to help you address any pending or ongoing audits and other complicated tax questions you may have.

Other State and Local Taxes

Helping you retain more of your profits by minimizing your non-income tax burden is a prime goal of Marcum’s SALT team. Our objective is for clients to retain more of their profits that might otherwise be paid out unnecessarily to state and local governments.

Services are customized to fit your needs and include: property tax appeals, tax credit and exemption studies, relocation and expansion incentives, employee/contractor planning, and unclaimed property compliance.

State Tax Controversy Service

Services we provide

Marcum’s State & Local Tax Controversy Team can help handle your controversy needs including:

  • Audit Defense (Desk Audits and Field Audits for Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gross Receipts Tax etc.)
  • Residency and Income Allocation Audits
  • Negotiate Settlements
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Installment Agreements
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Refund Requests
  • Letter Rulings
  • Advisory Opinions

Our team of dedicated SALT professionals has deep experience resolving complex state tax audits and have successfully represented clients before various taxing jurisdictions.

Benefits of Engaging Marcum

Our team understands the auditor’s preconceptions. We can help clients address a state tax auditor’s presumptions, mitigate exposure, and negotiate resolutions.

With our SALT Controversy Team, our clients will benefit from our:

  • Thorough understanding of the audit process and procedures, from initial contact to resolution (soup to nuts).
  • Understanding of what the auditor knows about the company and common audit practices for each industry (the “question behind the question”).
  • Complete familiarity with what documentation is important to the auditor and what irrelevant information to avoid.
  • Ability to purse alternative procedures such as advance letter rulings or administrative appeals to help close out the audit.
  • Technical mastery of the state taxing jurisdiction’s rules and insight into issues a state tax department is focused on for future decisions.

States have been left by the pandemic with unprecedented budget deficits and will be aggressively pursuing tax reviews. Our team is prepared to help effectively represent our clients before state taxing jurisdictions.

Marcum Year-End Tax Guide

Tax Planning for 2023 and 2024


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John Bonk

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