Navigating Tomorrow’s Roads, Today.

Embark on a journey where precision meets pace, and innovation drives every decision. Marcum’s Automotive Industry Practice is not just a service; it’s a partnership forged on trust and guided by tailored strategies. Trusted by clients across 30+ automobile brands, we align with your ambitions, ensuring each turn towards success is navigated with experience and foresight.

With Marcum, you’re not just gaining a team; you’re igniting a powerhouse of cumulative experience and innovation, ready to transform challenges into milestones.

Popular Automotive Services

We serve the industry in many ways; if you are looking for something missing from the list, just #AskMarcum. We probably have a specialist that does just that. Our broad experience includes:

  • Application for exempt status
  • Audit and accounting services
  • Cost segregation
  • Dealership valuation
  • Assistance meeting manufacturer’s financial requirements
  • Initial setup of dealership points, including construction
  • Transactions, including mergers & acquisitions
  • Litigation support/expert witness testimony
  • REITS and loan financing
  • Operational systems implementation
  • Computer and informational consulting
  • Statutory compliance consulting
  • Federal and state tax compliance
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Taxation planning
  • Operational profitability analysis and benchmarking

Strategy at the Speed of Change

The automotive world doesn’t pause, and neither do we. Amidst the myriad demands of manufacturers, economic fluxes, and technological evolutions, Marcum is your unwavering co-navigator, presenting strategies that range from bolstering bank reconciliations to refining sophisticated tax landscapes.

Synergy and Scale: Your Competitive Advantage

You know where rubber meets the road, Marcum is where scale meets personal partnership. We view challenges through your lens, propelled by professionals who’ve cultivated experience within the industry. Our expansive network is your stepping-stone to reaching new horizons.

The Marcum Difference

Confidence increases with time behind the wheel. That’s why Marcum’s service philosophy is designed to build lasting relationships that drive mutual prosperity. To accomplish this aim, we deliver partner-level engagement and services teams with familiar faces that return year-after-year, so their specialized insight, dynamic collaboration, and understanding of your business improve with each engagement.

Our Pledge: Transformative Services, Enduring Impact

Our counsel is our commitment, guiding you through an ecosystem of improvement opportunities that escalate your efficiency and profitability. We get to know your needs and connect you with qualified expertise within the firm, for example, tax and cost segregation professionals within Marcum’s dedicated practice groups, to provide insights and advice from the most qualified sources. As you consider acquisitions, sales, or new ventures, Marcum ensures a path that’s not just clear—it’s visionary.

The Road Ahead Awaits

Align with Marcum to supercharge your enterprise. Connect with us to navigate the future landscape of automotive excellence. Together, we don’t just dream of the future; we drive it.

Let’s power the evolution of the automotive industry—together.


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Wesley D. Barnard

Wesley D. Barnard


  • Assurance
  • Farmington, CT
Shaun  Blogg

Shaun Blogg

Office Managing Partner

  • Tax & Business
  • West Palm Beach, FL
Ilyssa  Blum

Ilyssa Blum


  • Assurance
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
Marc P. Eidelberg

Marc P. Eidelberg


  • Assurance
  • East Hanover, NJ
Scott A. Goodwin

Scott A. Goodwin


  • Tax & Business
  • Farmington, CT
Leonard  Gordon

Leonard Gordon


  • Assurance
  • Los Angeles, CA