Client Service Standards

At Marcum, your success is our purpose. We are committed to providing our clients with the outstanding technical knowledge and know-how you need, while delivering superior client service at all levels of our engagement with you.

Our Client Service Standards were created based on the candid feedback of our clients. These standards further our mission by placing what you value most at the heart of our relationship with you. Here is what you can expect from Marcum:

Marcum Client Service Standard - Reliability


You can count on us to be here when you need us.

You can depend on your Marcum service team to be reliable, responsive, and accessible. We aim to answer your questions, fulfill your requests, or simply set a time to talk when you need us.

Marcum Client Service Standard - Sincerity


You can expect us to genuinely care about your experience.

We believe great service requires both exceptional talent and a genuine desire to meet and exceed your expectations. We work hard to offer added value to you whenever and wherever we can.

Marcum Client Service Standard - Personalization


Your needs drive how we support you.

We seek to understand your needs and preferences so we can provide you with the experience you deserve. This means we will get you the information you want, when you need it, in the way you wish to receive it. We are committed to working with you, in creative and customized ways, to maximize value and minimize friction within the boundaries of our professional standards.

Marcum Client Service Standard - Confidence


You can have peace of mind knowing we are in your corner.

We know you turn to us for support in areas that can be both thrilling and overwhelming. That’s why we not only educate you about the strategy behind our recommendations, but we provide you with options and guide you through them. We work hard to remove uncertainty so you feel confident in our approach to every engagement – big or small.

Marcum Client Service Standard - Trust


Your trust is the foundation of our partnership.

We endeavor to earn your trust from the first moment we meet and work every day to uphold it. We never take the responsibility of supporting you and your business lightly, and are honored to play a part in fueling your success.

Marcum Client Satisfaction

Of the clients who recently participated in our client feedback program, we found that:

98% find their Marcum professionals to be reliable and responsive.

97% feel we listen well and understand their needs.

96% say Marcum delivers high-quality, error-free work.

96% feel we genuinely care about their experience with our firm.

96% value our thoughtful recommendations and educational insights.

96% say our ability to maintain their trust meets or exceeds expectations.

95% appreciate how well we communicate and keep them informed.

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Marcum Clients Share Their Experience

Marcum's knowledge and experience is extremely on point, relevant, and of value. My team went beyond the promised deliverable to provide additional feedback and assistance requested. The results and recommendations provided were of great value to our organization.

Midwest Advisory Client

Marcum could not be better…my team is involved, informed, and completely committed to ensuring I receive the very best advice and they execute the plans they submit flawlessly. They know my business and always ask the right questions...more importantly, they listen!

New England Tax Client

Our Marcum team is, without question, a major part of our success in our industry. All we have to do is let important relationships know we have Marcum working with us and nothing else is needed to be said. I like it when it is common knowledge you have the best in your corner.

Construction Client

From R&D tax credits to dealing with the tax pass through issues, to helping us with valuations - it is clear that Marcum understands our business and industry.

Manufacturing Client

One of the best things about our business relationship is that some of our needs are unusual and Marcum truly understands our process. We are also in awe of Marcum's commitment to our charity mission.

Nonprofit Client

My team is always patient and friendly. It has been a trying couple of years and it is good to have a partner that we can rely on.

Healthcare Client