Our Core Values

At Marcum we want you to reap the rewards of a culture that promotes daily values and cultivates success.

That’s why everyone – partners and associates – follows a set of nine core values.

These core values define how we conduct ourselves and interact with our colleagues and clients. They guide us when faced with challenging situations. They help us maintain a high degree of professionalism within our industry. These values also provide the foundation for the Marcum culture.

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Associate Testimonials

As I write this, it is exactly one year since I walked into the Marcum office for my first day on the Family Office team – and I couldn’t be happier. For the first time since I was a child, I love what I’m doing and I feel that I am where I belong.

Lauren Carey Supervisor, Family Office - New York City, NY
Joined Marcum in 2020

Thanks to Marcum’s support of diversity and inclusion, I am visible to others and for the first time am feeling comfortable with others knowing about me, which lets me be myself.

Paul Dean Senior Billing Coordinator, Administration/Finance - Providence, RI
Joined Marcum in 2016

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to transition into a different role and grow my personal expertise in another service area. I love the work that I do.

Ashley DeCress Senior Manager, Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Services - Cleveland, OH
Joined Marcum in 2015

I can say without hesitation that in all my years at Marcum, I have always felt included and never felt I was ever treated any differently because I am a woman.

Ashlie Forum Partner, Tax & Business Services - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Joined Marcum in 2003

Within my first three months at Marcum, I have been able to expand my knowledge of accounting and professional development beyond what I anticipated.

Nicholas Martin - Supervisor, Assurance - Miami, FL
Nicholas Martin Manager, Assurance Services - Miami, FL
Joined Marcum in 2016

Opportunities were boundless for me at Marcum, and I was able to utilize my organizational, technical, and business development strengths to create and grow a practice group within the Firm, with fantastic, intelligent and supportive people alongside me.

Beth Wiener Partner, Alternative Investment Group - New York
Joined Marcum in 1995