The 2023 Marcum Year-End Tax Guide features a detailed analysis of the current tax environment and provides an overview of many of the issues affecting individuals and businesses.

Message from Joseph Perry

Tax & Business Services Leader

Reflecting on my years with Marcum and how long we have issued this tax guide, I’m struck by how time has flown. Like many of you, family is my cornerstone. I know that effectively managing the complexities of wealth transition, estate tax planning, or shepherding a family business from one generation to the next is paramount.

Navigating such terrain requires more than technical expertise; it demands a depth of experience, strategic thinking, and the ability to anticipate and adapt. At Marcum, our team thrives on guiding our clients with personal and professional insights, always keeping your goals at the forefront.

We hope our guide sparks ideas and catalyzes conversations as the year draws to a close.

Marcum’s tax professionals are here to help you develop the strategies that are appropriate for your particular situation.


Tax Planning for 2023 and 2024

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