Expediting Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment during Change of Ownership at Nursing Homes

Expediting Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment during Change of Ownership at Nursing Homes Healthcare


This organization owns and operates 20 nursing homes of various sizes, all located in the Midwest region. In addition, they own and lease to other operators approximately 150 properties across the United States.


The Medicare and Medicaid enrollment process for several facilities undergoing a change in ownership stalled for several months, as the result of an improper tax classification with the IRS. Marcum was engaged to coordinate and facilitate the enrollment process.


Expedite the Medicare and Medicaid application process to ensure minimal disruption to the facilities’ cash flow.


When a nursing facility undergoes a change in ownership, enrollment in the Medicare and Medicaid programs can be cumbersome, as the process entails a significant volume of paperwork. The process needs to be completed in a timely and accurate fashion. Any errors can lead to disruptions in reimbursement. While preparing the change-of-ownership applications, Marcum’s professionals conducted a review of tax classifications and identified an improper IRS classification associated with the incoming owners. Our team was able to resolve the issue with the IRS and advance the Medicaid application process. We completed the registration through the respective state and federal systems, adding specific information for each entity affiliated with the transaction.


The Marcum team successfully assisted our client navigate and complete the change-of-ownership process related to all of the facilities. Having identified and rectified the IRS classification issue, our professionals were able to finalize the required paperwork, enabling our client to begin processing claims and receiving reimbursement.

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