Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are among the most complex activities that an enterprise can undertake. In today’s business environment, mergers and acquisitions of middle market businesses are occurring with greater frequency. Strategic buyers and private equity firms with significant amounts of capital are fueling the growth in middle market transactions.

These facts, combined with high multiples for sellers, have created a market ripe to consummate transactions. An effective M&A strategy requires careful planning, including engaging the right advisers to assist in navigating through the intricacies associated with completing an M&A transaction.

Marcum LLP has responded to the needs of buyers and sellers of middle market companies by the creation of a distinct group within our firm to meet these demands. Our Transaction Services Group includes accounting, tax, valuation and other consulting professionals with the expertise needed to provide strategic and private equity buyers with accounting, tax and business advisory services unique to M&A transactions.

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Scope of Services

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Post-Transaction Support
  • External auditor workpapers.
  • Customer and vendor relationships.
  • Financial projections.
  • Management information systems.
  • Compensation and benefits contract.
  • Contingency analysis.
  • Corporate governance functions.
  • Internal controls.
  • Analysis of industry trends and market outlook.
  • Analysis of working capital and cash flow requirements.
  • Asset and stock sale comparisons.
  • 338 h(10) elections.
  • Tax minimization strategies.
  • State & local tax analysis and planning.
  • Transaction financing assistance.
  • Analysis of securities and exchange commission requirements.
  • Review of asset and stock purchase agreements.
  • Tax attribute preservation.
  • Sell-side exit strategies.
  • Sell-side preparation of business or division to be sold.
  • Business combinations, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts and reverse mergers.
  • Purchase price allocations.
  • Asset impairment analyses.
  • Enterprise valuation.
  • Post-closing adjustments.
  • Profitability analyses.
  • Tax compliance.
  • Financial statement audits.


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