July 29, 2013

2nd Annual Marcum Microcap Conference was Standing Room Only

2nd Annual Marcum Microcap Conference was Standing Room Only Assurance

On May 30, 2013, senior executives from 120 microcap companies and in excess of 1,500 attendees, including institutional investors, buy and sell-side analysts, investment bankers and others gathered at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City for the 2nd Annual Marcum MicroCap Conference. The Conference provided a showcase for best-of-the-best, up-and-coming microcap companies from four continents to present their investment cases, and for investors to engage with highly qualified prospects in seven industry sectors, including Technology & Telecom; Social Media & internet; Life Sciences; Retail & Consumer Products; Energy & Natural Resources; Industrials; and Special Situations.

The clear need for a forum of this nature was confirmed by the full subscription for presentation slots and by the standing-room-only attendee registration. What this tells us is that despite early signs of a recovering economy, access to capital continues to be a major obstacle for microcap companies, even as investors continue to seek out promising, undiscovered opportunities.

The microcap sector is underappreciated and undercapitalized, and does not have enough liquidity or enough market awareness. The MicroCap Conference was conceived to address these issues by bringing together both sides of the market under very stringent criteria, in order to ensure the highest quality experience for all participants.

In addition to corporate presentations, one-on-one meetings were facilitated throughout the day for investors interested in private dialog with management. This provided a critical next step in the discovery process prior to capitalization.

The Conference agenda also included expert panels on a spectrum of smallcap topics, such as the JOBS Act and crowdfunding, small IPOs and other public offerings, microcap valuation, corporate governance, investing with Chinese companies, smallcap financing, investor communication, and investing with life sciences companies.

In two short years, the Marcum MicroCap Conference has become a signature event in the microcap market, as well as for the Firm’s SEC Practice.


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