November 29, 2018

Coach Joe!

Coach Joe! Advisory

For each great athlete in the world there is an equally special coach. This month’s spotlight celebrates the lifelong passion for youth football and coaching of our Marcum teammate, Joe DeCusati. Joe grew up in North Haven, CT and whether it was backyard games, high school ball or going to watch his big brother on the field, the lessons youth football could teach him were all around. So, when approached by a longtime friend with the opportunity to return to the gridiron as coach to 4th graders, Joe picked up the whistle and clipboard and never looked back. Coaching kids, for Joe, is all about harnessing his own competitive spirit for the betterment of young people. Coaching kids is the best because, as Joe will tell you, “They just want to learn.” However, Joe will also tell you that the hours are very long and the commitment large but it is all worth it when you see a team learn and grow and find their footing on the field. Preparation is the key to his team’s successes and a life lesson the kids will take with them long after they retire their pads and cleats. And, in the end, Coach Joe learns from his players, too. Why keep doing it with all the challenges and struggles? “They keep me young,” says Joe.