November 22, 2016

Construction Industry Outlook has Shifted

Another Period of Rapid Spending Growth May be Forthcoming

Construction Industry Outlook has Shifted

Issue 17 – Third Quarter 2016

The job of an economic forecaster is treacherous. Expect the unexpected is a common phrase, but until something truly unexpected occurs, one has a tendency to be cocooned in a set of preconceived notions. For many months, there was the broadly shared view that significant change was not coming to Washington, D.C.. Well, that conventional wisdom has been shattered and, with it, the pre-existing housing industry forecast.

Table of Contents

  • Exhibit 1. Nonresidential Spending, September 2016 – CHART
  • Joe’s View – Insights from Marcum’s National Construction Industry Group Leader
  • Exhibit 2. Construction Employment Growth in 20 Largest U.S. Metropolitan Areas, September 2015 v. September 2016 – CHART
  • Exhibit 3. Nonresidential Construction Spending, September 2014 through September 2016 – GRAPH
  • Third Quarter 2016 Performance – CHART

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