September 24, 2019

Emerging Companies Group Partners With Bounce Innovation Hub

By Erika Moore, Manager, Assurance Services

Emerging Companies Group Partners With Bounce Innovation Hub Advisory

Startup companies think, work and act differently than most established businesses. Generally, they are born from a grand idea, fueled by enthusiasm (and often, caffeine), and supported through funding sources that range from VCs to Mom and Dad. Most startups don’t have the capital required to invest in basic systems and infrastructure that drive growth and evolution. That’s where Bounce Innovation Hub (Bounce) comes into play.

Bounce was founded in January 2018 and is the region’s first open innovation hub serving Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial and innovation community. Through in-house programs and community partnerships, Bounce currently serves more than 55 startups in our region.

In that same spirit, Marcum’s Emerging Companies Group was established to help emerging companies bring big ideas to life. Now, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Bounce—one that we believe will offer emerging companies here in Northeast Ohio unprecedented access to essential resources that fuel growth.

As part of this partnership, our Emerging Companies team members will be on-site at Bounce providing non-attest services free of charge (limited capacity) for companies that are enrolled in Bounce’s accelerator program.  The specific day will vary, but we’re targeting Thursdays and Fridays in particular. 

During our on-site office hours, eligible startups can access all of our services (again, with the exception of attestation services)—from investor relations and board of directors governance advisory to operational, accounting and tax services.

Located in downtown Akron in the former B.F. Goodrich plant, Bounce’s physical space comprises more than 300,000 square feet of coworking, event/meeting, office, lab and light manufacturing space. With more than 50 organizations in the building, Bounce accounts for more than 250 people working and creating.

Our Emerging Companies Group works alongside you at every stage of your journey, leveraging deep experience and applying unique insights that position you for success—all at rates that fit your budget. We are passionate about helping emerging companies grow. To better serve your business, we offer discounts up to 40 percent of normal rates based on the life cycle stage of your business. We also offer flexible billing approaches to meet your schedule.

We invite you to swing by to learn more about Marcum’s Emerging Companies Group and how we can help your company scale for growth.

Do you have questions about our Bounce partnership or other emerging companies issues? Please contact Erika Moore, CPA, at 330-668-1100 or email Erika.

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