September 26, 2018

Get to Know Partner, Bill Scally

Featured William Scally, Partner-in-Charge Litigation Services - Boston

Get to Know Partner, Bill Scally

Meet Bill Scally, A Marcum Partner who specializes in Intellectual Property Law and Patent Damages out of our Boston, MA office. What you may not know about Bill is he is also a Naval Veteran and graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Did you know it takes a special appointment to go there? Bill received his from Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. Ever heard of the SeaBees? The Seabees is the nickname of the Naval Civil Engineer Corps and that is where Bill landed, following his undergraduate studies, as an officer. From Maryland, to Port Hueneme, California to a far flung island in the Mediterranean called La Maddalena, Bill ultimately provided vital support to our submarine fleet as a Public Works Officer. While life on the Mediterranean sounds nice, Bill recalls how tough it could be to be that far away from your loved ones in an era that predated cell phones and emails. Life in the Armed Forces can teach you a lot. In particular as a young officer, Bill learned crucial leadership lessons that still serve him today as well as the importance of maintaining moral/mental and physical balance in one’s personal management and care.

Thanks to Bill for sharing his story and for his service!