February 20, 2018

Skilled Nursing Facility Advanced Beneficiary Notice

By Marilyn Mines, Senior Manager, Advisory Services

Skilled Nursing Facility Advanced Beneficiary Notice

After several years of waiting and wondering, the finalized SNF ABN is here. CMS published the updated version on Thursday, February 1, 2018. The main difference in the new version is the additional Option 3; other changes are slight amendments in the verbiage of the original two options to make them less confusing for the resident.

The new form is available at www.cms.gov in both Adobe and Word format, along with six pages of explicit instructions for its use and completion.

Mandatory use of the 2018 SNFABN commences May 7, 2018, but CMS recommends that providers begin using this version as soon as possible. This new form will eliminate the Denial Letters and the Notice of Exclusion from Medicare Benefits (NEMB).

Skilled Nursing Facility Advanced Benificiary Notice

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