February 26, 2016

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Monday is Leap Day, the extra day that shows up on the calendar every four years. Leap Day is the object of much superstition and intrigue, but actually, it’s really just a practical solution to a timing issue. It takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds for the Earth to revolve around the sun once. That extra almost-six hours adds up to an extra day every four years. Adding the extra day has the effect of forcing the calendar forward by 24 hours. So, for example, where March 1 would normally follow February 28 (a Sunday in 2016) and therefore fall on Monday, this year it falls on Tuesday. Hence, it leaps over Monday, making Monday – February 29 – Leap Day. A little known but fun fact. Unless you are born on February 29, which opens up a can of worms (in 2068, a person born this Monday will turn 52 years old but will have had only 13 birthdays).

The titillation of having an extra day only every four years has led to some pretty crazy traditions. In the old days, it was the one time that women could turn the tables and acceptably propose to men. Of course, in the modern world, all’s fair in love, so no one has to wait four years to speak their heart, no matter what gender they are. Anyone feeling it can take that leap of faith without needing to wait for Leap Day.

And speaking of leaps of faith… That’s what it takes to get out of bed every morning and face the day with reasonable conviction that you will move the needle even just a little on what matters most in life and will reap some of the rewards (including satisfaction) for your contributions to the world.

Here are some of the leaps that I think make it all worthwhile:

  • Knowing that our business will continue to create value for our clients, our partners and staff, and continue to thrive.
  • Trusting that our outstanding leadership team sees the future and knows how to get us there.
  • Recognizing that our opportunity and ability to contribute to our communities is infinite.
  • Embracing the democratic system as the best humankind can offer (and hoping that the 2016 U.S. presidential victor will exercise with dignity and reverence the awesome power that comes with that responsibility).
  • Believing that my children will make their marks and be better people for it.
  • Giving thanks for all of the above.

Happy Leap Day, everyone!