June 30, 2017

See You in September

See You in September

Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer is finally here, after what I can only describe as an almost non-existent Spring here in the Northeast, and the July 4th holiday is next Tuesday, so that’s my signal to take a break from writing this column for a few weeks and let the creative inspiration replenish, as I do every year.

This is my fifth year of sharing my thoughts with you every Friday morning (except when I’m on seasonal hiatus). I genuinely appreciate that you allow me a few minutes of your day to get philosophical, relate an observation, tell you about some new development here at Marcum, or spout off about something that’s irking me — particularly since plenty of you don’t always agree with my point of view. It’s always fun to get your emails in response to something I’ve written, even when it’s to berate me. I’m grateful that you put in the effort to let me know what you think. Keep reading and writing!

The Weiner family will be spending the next two months on Long Island, out of the city heat, enjoying all that Long Island has to offer, and it has plenty. Day camp for the little ones, work for the older ones, and a reduced work schedule for me.

Before I sign off for the summer, I’d be remiss without thanking the two people who make this much easier for me than it really should be. First, to Julie Gelfand, my editor and (more than) occasional ghost writer: I couldn’t do this without you. And only you know how much you really do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And to Chris Pelosi, our director of digital marketing: you deliver this seamlessly to 60,000 people every Friday morning. Thanks for all that you do to make this weekly project the success it is.

However you and your family end up spending the summer, on behalf of everyone at Marcum, I wish you a wonderful summer filled with people you love, things you love to do, and great weather to do them in.

See you on September 8, when we return with our first column of the fall.