October 6, 2017

What Money Can’t Buy

What Money Can’t Buy

As you’ve “heard” me discuss before, Marcum has a set of core values that underpin everything we do. We take them very seriously and reference them in numerous ways throughout our operation – in the way we service our clients, the decisions we make about how to continue growing our business, how we hire and develop talent, and many other practical applications.

Our core values are: passion, integrity, excellence, respect, teamwork, community, balance, independence, and firm. These are baseline qualities that serve as guideposts for pretty much everything we do. They’re also a promise to our clients and our associates that Marcum will always act in their best interest. It’s our blueprint for success, and it doesn’t cost us a thing.

I recently saw something on the internet that is a corollary to this. It caught my attention because it’s a roadmap for how to be a good employee/colleague/service provider, and it doesn’t cost a thing either. It’s called “10 Things that Require Zero Talent”: (1) being on time, (2) work ethic, (3) effort, (4) body language, (5) energy, (6) attitude, (7) passion, (8) being coachable, (9) doing extra, and (10) being prepared (credit to www.Secrets2Success.com).

When my son Leo entered the workforce last fall after graduating college, I told him that three simple things will separate him from the competition when it comes to advancing in his career: showing up early, staying late (in other words, don’t watch the clock and put in more time than they expect), and whatever they ask or expect you to do, do more. It’s that simple.

There are probably loads of other truisms like this circulating around out there, but we can all use a motivational poster every now and then. It all comes down to basics. We try to always do the right thing for our clients and our team, and that’s been working out well for us so far.

Cheers to our mutual success.

Special note: Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of the 58 people whose lives were taken in this week’s tragedy in Las Vegas, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the more than 500 hurt and wounded.