July 13, 2016

Marcum Healthcare Webinars

By Matthew Bavolack, National Healthcare Industry Group Leader

Marcum Healthcare Webinars

Over the past few years, the pace of change in the healthcare industry has been daunting, making it almost impossible for providers to keep up with all aspects of the transformation. At Marcum LLP, we believe we have a responsibility to keep our clients informed. Hence, in 2016 we expanded our communication efforts from weekly healthcare blogs on regulatory matters to include this monthly newsletter, Trending in Healthcare. At this time, I’m pleased to announce our newest effort to educate and keep providers informed.

Welcome to the Marcum LLP Healthcare Webinar Series! For the remainder of 2016 and for the foreseeable future, Marcum will be offering monthly online educational courses geared toward regulatory and clinical oversight of both the long-term care and home care communities. Individual seminars will be offered at a minimal cost and will also provide valued CPE credits.

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