April 20, 2020

Tax Deadline Extension Updates in Certain States: Florida, Illinois and Ohio

By Mary Jo Dolson, Partner, Tax & Business Services

Tax Deadline Extension Updates in Certain States: Florida, Illinois and Ohio Tax & Business

Congress and Treasury have approved several Coronavirus disaster relief legislations. One of the provisions is an extension of federal tax filing deadlines. Many states have followed suit by extending certain tax deadlines.

The following guidelines clarify extensions for the following states: Florida, Illinois and Ohio.


As of this writing, Florida has not modified due dates for all state returns. Below includes the information released to date.

  • Partnership Return 2019 – Florida partnership returns (partnerships with a C Corporation as a partner) were due April 1, 2020. No extension was made.
  • Corporation Return 2019 – Corporation returns for Florida are still due May 1.
  • Corporation Estimated Tax Payments 2020 – Estimated tax payments have not been extended. These payments are due May 1 and June 30.
  • Sales Tax Returns – February and March returns were extended. The February return was due March 20, but taxpayers had until March 31 to file the sales tax return without incurring interest and penalties. Businesses have until April 30 to file the sales tax return for sales tax collected during March without interest and penalties.
  • Tangible Returns – Numerous counties have extended the due date of the Florida Tangible return to either May 1 or May 15, but it is important to note that not all counties have changed their filing dates. Taxpayers will need to verify with the county or counties where the business is located.
  • Florida Annual Report – These reports are normally due no later than May 1 but have been extended to June 30.
  • Unemployment Tax – There have been no extensions in the required filing and/or payment of unemployment taxes.


Illinois’ response to the federal extension is very interesting, and payments can easily be missed. Illinois has also adopted state loan programs to assist small businesses.

  • Partnership Return 2019 – The Illinois partnership return was due April 15. The Illinois partnership return is automatically extended with the federal extension, but payments were due by April 15. The Illinois partnership extension payment would include:
    • The 1.5% Illinois Replacement Tax imposed at the entity level
    • Non-resident withholding required for 2019
  • Individual Return 2019 – The due date of these returns was extended to July 15. The payment of any taxes due is also extended to July 15.
  • Individual Estimated Tax Payments 2020 – The state’s responses enacted did not change the due date of these payments, which are April 15 and June 15. Since some taxpayers will have to make 2020 estimated tax payments before filing their 2019 individual income tax returns, Illinois has indicated the following options are available for computing the 2020 individual income tax payments:
    • 100 percent of the estimated liability for the year 2020
    • 100 percent of the actual liability for year 2019 or
    • 100 percent of the actual liability for year 2018.
    For taxpayers who have filed their 2019 tax return, the Illinois Department of Revenue is recommending taxpayers utilize the 2019 tax return to determine any 2020 estimated tax payments due.
  • Corporation Return 2019 – The state extended the due date of this return to July 15. The payment of corporate taxes due for 2019 is also extended to July 15.
  • Corporate Estimated Taxes for 2020 – These payments were not extended. They are due April 15 and June 15.
  • Employee Withholding – No extension.
  • Unemployment – No extension.
  • Sales Tax Returns – No extension. The state is providing potential relief from interest and penalties on late filed returns for certain taxpayers, including eating and drinking establishments with a sales tax liability of less than $75,000 for calendar year 2019. If the February, March and/or April sales tax returns are filed late by one of these qualified businesses, the Department of Revenue will waive penalties and interest.


  • Individual Returns 2019 – These returns have been automatically extended to July 15.
  • Individual Estimated Tax Payments 2020 – The estimated tax payments normally due April 15 and June 15 have been extended and are now due July 15.
  • Trusts/Estates Returns 2019 (IT 1140, IT 1141 and IT 4708) – The due date for these returns have been extended to July 15.
  • Trusts/Estates Estimates 2020 – The due dates for the first and second quarter estimated tax payments have been extended to July 15. This extension includes non-resident withholding.
  • Sales Tax Returns – No extension provided.
  • Commercial Activity Tax – – No extension provided for the filing and payment of this tax. The next due date is May 10.
  • Employee Withholding – No extension provided.
  • Unemployment – No extension provided.
  • City Returns 2019 – These returns are extended to July 15, whether through the state’s centralized filing system or directly with the various cities.
  • City Returns 2020 Estimates – First and second quarter estimates have been extended to July 15.
    • The information in this article is accurate as of this publication and is subject to change. Your Marcum State and Local tax advisor will keep you posted on updates.

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