August 27, 2019

Use Hubdoc Document Storage Software to Manage Your Business Accounts

Use Hubdoc Document Storage Software to Manage Your Business Accounts Managed Accounting Services

Small business owners often face the challenge of juggling multiple financial documents, including bills, statements and receipts. Between all the email and paper statements, it can be burdensome to keep careful records and ensure payments are made on time.

Link All of Your Accounts

Hubdoc is a document storage program that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage your documents. By connecting all of your accounts for which you have online login capabilities, Hubdoc automatically retrieves your recurring bills and bank statements when they become available. Hubdoc then seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks and/or to capture all bills due for payment in a timely manner. In other words, Hubdoc automates one step further by having the ability to fetch and feed your payables into without uploading or data entry.

Snap a Picture of Your Receipts

When you do not have online access to your bill, but have a paper statement or receipt from a cash payment, you simply snap a picture of it and upload it to HubDoc, which avoids the clutter of papers piling up. Once you have set up your accounts in Hubdoc, the software knows exactly what to do with the statements and receipts you upload.

Easy Access to Account Information

Hubdoc allows you to import all your paperwork into a cloud-based system that tracks all the information you upload. Hubdoc sends your invoices to for payment and then syncs with QuickBooks—all with bank-level security. Another nice feature of Hubdoc is that you can use it as an excellent document storage system. It provides the ability to arrange folders so that you can organize all of your documents. This will help you avoid wasted time searching for missing bills, receipts and statements because they are all stored in one place.

You even have the ability to put multiple users on the account. For example, your accountants wouldn’t need access to your private passwords for each of your bank or other online accounts.

To set up Hubdoc, you simply set up an account and get your login information. The software is available on your computer as well as for smartphones and tablets.

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