Franchise Tax Filing Automation

Marcum Technology’s team of consultants provides a full suite of Robotic Process Automation “Bot” Services. These services change the way our clients conduct business by automating and, in many cases, eliminating manual processes that their employees would otherwise be spending hours to complete. Digital workers can replace many tedious functions and tasks that are time-consuming and often prone to human error, including data entry, periodic reporting and accounts payable invoicing. They can also be used to generate and distribute reports, process inbound leads, and retrieve data from the web.

When you decide to embark on the exciting transition to automation, Marcum’s professionals will be at your side every step of the way. From the initial process review all the way through implementation, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance of bot automation, Marcum’s consultants are here to assist you. We’ll de-mystify the complexities of using bots to create a virtual, digital workforce for your company.