At Marcum LLP, we understand that businesses are always looking to stay at the forefront of innovation. Technological advances are transforming concepts that seemed impossible just a few years ago into today’s reality. Our goal as your trusted advisor is to provide you with the most cutting-edge resources available to streamline your work processes while delivering the best possible return on your investment.

Marcum’s team of consulting and technology experts are now offering clients Robotic Process Automation “Bot” Services. These services have the capability to change the way our clients are conducting business by automating and in many cases eliminating manual process that employees would be otherwise spending hours to complete. Utilizing Digital Workers can replace many tedious functions and tasks that are time consuming and often prone to human error, including data entry, periodic reporting and accounts payable invoicing. They can also be used to generate and distribute reports, process inbound leads, and retrieve data from the web.

Our professionals are ready to work with your business to help you with every step along the automation journey. From the initial process review, on through implementation, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance of bot automation, Marcum’s experts are here to assist you. We’ll help you de-mystify the complexities of utilizing bots to create a virtual, digital workforce for your company.

Robotic Process Automation Services

Robots as a Service

Using our pre-existing robotic infrastructure, Marcum is able to offer a virtual workforce to perform specific repetitive work processes on your behalf. Being security conscious, this approach works best when you have externally-accessible data, web applications or other cloud-based applications that our bots can access on your behalf.

The bot could be triggered through an e-mail request sent to an unattended mailbox, an API command from your web application, or scheduled in advance to run on a pre-existing schedule.

Business Process Improvement

At Marcum, we recognize that a leap into automation is not simply about cutting costs, or improving efficiency, it is a competitive advantage in an ever-changing and evolving technology and market landscape. Our consultants have many years of process improvement experience combined with our Audit, Tax and Advisory service capabilities. We will work with you to develop an automation program that best fits your strategic goals, yet is mindful of the many financial, human resource and compliance challenges that you face on a daily basis.

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Robotic Process Development

Whether ultimately hosted within your environment, or accessed through our Robots as a Service offering, Marcum consultants can perform the process analysis and bot development to begin your automation journey. Using our accumulated experience in Business Process Improvement and our innovative development cycle, we can quickly automate your existing process and begin to realize the efficiency and quality advantages of an RPA implementation.

RPA Consulting Services

Leveraging our experience in this fast-growing field, Marcum consultants will provide the critical advice and guidance your company needs to begin your RPA journey. We are prepared to discuss all aspects of this effort including process review, security and change management. Given the pace of change in the RPA space and the convergence with artificial intelligence and cognitive learning, we will also keep you up to date on the latest trends in this exciting new technology.

How Can RPA Be Utilized In Your Business?

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Why Utilize RPA (Benefits)?

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation provides your organization with an on-demand “virtual workforce” with limitless scaling capabilities. Robots operate 24x7x365 and never takes breaks, vacation or sick days.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment RPA delivers real and measurable return on investment (“ROI”) when replacing existing manual processes. In some cases, you can recoup your initial investment in as little as a few months.

Save time and money

Save time and money automating administrative processes that are often riddled with human error such as: HR onboarding, accounts payable invoicing, report generation and distribution, inbound lead processing, data and web retrieval, testing and much more.

Robotic “Vision” and “Problem Solving”

When building the robotic “script,” Marcum developers are able to simulate user interaction including the ability to dynamically read the screen output using a combination of Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) and screen scraping or visualization functions. Your robot can therefore “read” error messages and adapt to “fix” the problem presented on screen to keep the process moving. Continued advancements in “Cognitive Computing” will only further enhance this capability.

Ease of Use

Integrating RPA into your organization is made easier when you work with a Marcum professional to implement and deploy a robotic process. We can handle all the technology consulting complexities that often serve as roadblocks in getting robotic automation off the ground. Our experts are here to guide and assist you in making the process of implementing robotics effective, efficient and seamless.


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