About Joseph

Joseph Natarelli is office managing partner in the New Haven, Connecticut office and a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. A specialist in accounting for construction contractors, Joseph also serves as national leader of Marcum’s Construction Services practice, overseeing audit, consulting, and taxation services to construction clients ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar international enterprises.

He has extensive experience advising on mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. He has served as a technical reviewer for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) construction audit and taxation guides for more than two decades and had the privilege of chairing the AICPA National Construction Program Conference Committee from 2012-2014.

Joseph is a valued advisor on diverse construction projects, providing expertise on improving job performance and enhancing profitability. He also provides thought leadership on various accounting and auditing matters as a conference panelist and contributing author to construction publications. He has been interviewed by numerous trade and business media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Businessweek, and Fox Business, among others.

Under his leadership, Marcum’s national Construction Services Group has innovated a robust curriculum of industry summits and technical webinars focused on helping contractors continuously enhance their understanding of complex financial concepts and strategic planning. He also spearheaded several definitive industry resources for contractors, including the annual Marcum National Construction Survey, the quarterly Marcum Commercial Construction Index, the Marcum PAS Contractor Compensation Quarterly, and the annual Marcum JOLTS Analysis of construction employment trends. Construction Executive magazine has recognized Marcum as a Top Three construction services provider.

Professional & Civic Affiliations

  • Construction Accounting and Taxation, Board of Advisors and Contributors
  • Southern Connecticut State University, Presidential Community Advisory Board, Member
  • Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association (CICPAC), Member
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., Board of Directors and Membership Committee
  • Construction Industry Council of Westchester and Hudson Valley, Inc.
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) – National Construction Industry Program Conference Committee, Chairman, 2013-2014
  • Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants (CTCPA)
  • National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP)
  • Associated General Contractors of Connecticut, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Associated Builders and Contractors of Connecticut
  • Start Community Bank, Board of Directors & Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Quinnipiac University, School of Business – Instructor; Advisory Board Member; Business Leader Hall of Fame, Chairman; Distinguished Alumni Award, 2013
  • Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors, 2013
  • Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Chairman
  • Utility Contractors Association of Connecticut, Member

Articles & Presentations

  • “Year End Tax Updates for Contractors”, Marcum LLP National Construction Webinar, December 2023
  • “The Awesome Power of Natural Gas”, Construction Accounting & Taxation, November/December 2023
  • “Awaiting the Downturn: How Construction Signals the Next Economic Shift”, Construction Accounting & Taxation, September/October 2023
  • “Buy America: Impact on Construction Contractors”, Surety Bond Quarterly, October 2023
  • “Evaluating Resilience: How Companies are Responding to Economic Shifts and What That Means for Sureties”, Surety Bond Quarterly, October 2023
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  • “The Economics and Politics of the U.S. Construction Labor Market”, Construction Accounting & Taxation, April 2023
  • “The Comprehensive Guide To Economic Damages”, 7th Edition; Volume Two, March 2023
  • “A Blueprint For Growth: M&A Strategies In The Construction and Engineering Market”, Marcum LL National Webinar, March 2023
  • “Construction Adapts to New Lease Accounting Standards and Balance Sheets”, Marcum Construction Blog, February 2023
  • “Onshoring to Mitigate Supply Chain Problems”, Marcum Construction Blog, February, 2023
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  • “Tax Planning for Contractors – What We Know (And What We Don’t!),” Marcum National Webinar, November 2021
  • “Why Aren’t There Enough Construction Workers in America?,” Construction Accounting & Taxation, September/October 2021
  • “Surety Outlook, 2021 and Beyond,” Marcum National Construction Summit, September 2021
  • “Managing the Rising Cost of Workers’ Comp Premiums,” Marcum National Webinar, August 2021
  • “Making Sense of Declining Construction Employment,” Construction Accounting & Taxation, July/August 2021
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  • “When will the canaries arrive? The difficulty of predicting the next real estate downturn,” Construction Accounting & Taxation, January/February 2018

Practice Focus

Mergers & Acquisitions
Structuring of Transactions

Industry Focus

Real Estate
Gaming Franchises


Bachelor of Science, Accounting
Quinnipiac University

Awards & Recognitions

Power 25, NewHavenBiz, Class of 2023
AGC Service Provider of the Year, 2022
AICPA Construction and Real Estate Chairman Award, 2020
AGC Construction Excellence Award, 2018
Quinnipiac University Honorary PhD of Humane Letters, 2018
Amnity High School, Class of 1982, Distinguished Achievement Award in the Field of Business, 2016
State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation, Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Construction, 2016
Distinguished Alumni Award, Quinnipiac University, 2013
Easter Seals Goodwill, Chairman Award, 2009
40 Under 40, New Haven Business Times, 1997