About Jennifer

Jennifer Sandefur is a Senior Manager for the Blockchain and Digital Assets practice at Marcum Technology. As the firm’s technical expert on Digital Assets and Blockchain, Jennifer is heavily involved in working with our development team to test the systems, help direct the growth/development of our internal systems, research digital asset protocols, and evaluate our proprietary system’s user interface functionality and scalability.

As a founder of our Blockchain and Digital Assets Team, who are responsible for auditing the digital currency component of clients in the space, as well as being a subject matter expert for any other departments at the firm, Jennifer has gained significant experience with digital currency software and hardware wallets, exchanges, custodians, and the unique attributes necessary to prove control of digital asset holdings. Jennifer is involved in conversations with some of the key players in the digital asset space and has evaluated multiple digital asset custodial solutions, as well as created and implemented digital asset audit procedures for three international exchanges.

Over her years of service, Jennifer’s role has significantly expanded from solely audit support, to being a subject matter expert for clients across all industries. Within audit, she leads the digital asset portion for many types of industry clients such as custodians, exchanges, lenders, funds, and token issuers. Outside of audit, Jennifer works with the FLVS group where she assists with divorce litigation involving digital assets, and the advisory group for digital asset reconciliations, principal market evaluation/data extraction, digital asset wallet evaluation, exchange evaluation, and digital asset payment acceptance evaluation. Jennifer also heads training internally and externally as to what digital assets and blockchain are and how we audit them.

Since starting with the firm, Jennifer has built a repository of resources specific to the audit and technical knowledge of the digital asset & blockchain space. Additionally, she built a tool to extract historical exchange pricing from sixteen different exchanges using APIs, built a process for deriving children addresses from non-hardened extended public keys, and figured out how to audit and verify ownership and relationship with Multi-Sig and Hierarchical Deterministic Multi-Sig addresses. As the industry continues to explode with new technology and uses, Jennifer is excited to continue to learn and problem solve for her clients.

Professional & Civic Affiliations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Proof of Reserves Working Group Contributor
  • Women in Crypto Accounting

Articles, Seminars & Presentations

  • NYU Accounting & Blockchain Class Crypto Demonstrations
  • Cryptocurrency & Family Law – November 8, 2021
  • Crash Course on Crypto (Multiple)
  • Internal Blockchain & Digital Asset Trainings (Multiple, 2020 – present)
  • Contributor, Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Proof of Reserves Whitepaper