Marcum retirement plan consulting professionals help you anticipate and address design and compliance issues surrounding tax-qualified retirement plans. We help you: design your program for optimum cost and operational efficiency; audit plan financial records, if required by ERISA; remediate any problems that could affect your tax qualified status; and assist with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) compliance and day-to-day plan administration.

Too many employers operate their retirement plans on a “same-as-last-year” basis. A review of plan design and operations often leads to a more efficient use of your organization’s resources and a more satisfied workforce. Our professionals help you understand the costs and benefits of different plan designs, both from a dollar and administrative cost standpoint.

Is your retirement plan meeting your employees’ needs or is compliance a challenge? Ask Marcum for help.

Plan Design

  • Design/redesign to meet the needs of your workforce and comply with all relevant rules and regulations.
  • Analysis of your specific situation to determine the best plan for your organization, including modeling of potential costs, preparation of plan documents and communication materials, and assistance in administering the program.


  • Assistance with annual compliance (IRS Form 5500, third-party administration services), IRS rules regarding non-discrimination testing, IRS/DOL correction programs (including EPCRS, DFVCP and VFCP), excise tax analysis, and IRS/ DOL examinations of qualified plans.

Merger and Acquisition Assistance

  • When acquiring an employer, the purchaser must understand the terms of the target’s retirement plans, potential costs related to those plans, and the impact they’ll have on the acquirer’s employee benefit programs. Marcum’s retirement plan consultants assist acquiring companies with the due diligence related to the target’s tax-qualified retirement plan, determining whether to continue the target’s plan after the transaction closes and assisting buyers in taking the appropriate actions.

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