April 10, 2014

Back in Boot Camp

Back in Boot Camp

Over the summer, when I get to take some extra time off, one of the things I get to do more of is exercise. This past summer, my wife Tracy and I decided to enroll in a program at Barry’s Boot Camp, which, as the name implies, is a drill program. It was an hour in length; two parts cardio and two parts weights, stretching, squatting, etc. After the first session, which was a total shock to my system, I actually started to enjoy it. Not only was it a tremendous workout, it was something Tracy and I could do together, and it certainly helped to take a few (if not more) pounds off. But alas, summer ended, boot camp was no more, and over the course of the last eight months those extra pounds re-appeared (surprise, surprise).

So a few weeks ago, my gym in NYC sent an email announcing their own version of boot camp called ETC. I’m not sure what it stands for, but if it means anything like “the whole enchilada,” I think the name fits. The six-week program started this past Monday and will run through the middle of May, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9PM. Three nights per week for six weeks.

For lots of reasons, it was an easy decision. First was the together time for Tracy and me. Next was the commitment to an organized program with 20 other people, with measurable results from beginning to end. Next was the health and wellness value. Study after study has proven that regular exercise is just plain good for you, in many more ways than I can write about in this column. And lastly, I figured that three fewer days of eating and drinking per week can’t possibly hurt.

So we started Monday night. The good thing was that I wasn’t the most out of shape person in the group. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling fine and thought, this isn’t going to be so bad. By Wednesday morning, muscles and joints I’d forgotten about started to remind me they were there. A couple of Aleve’s later, all was good. Wednesday night was the second session, and I actually felt better and was able to do more than I did in the first session. When I woke up this morning (Thursday), other than a little back pain, which comes sometimes, workout or not, I felt better than I did yesterday. So I’m making progress already.

I’m really looking forward to completing the six weeks. Assuming it doesn’t kill me, I fully expect to be in better shape, mentally and physically, at the end of the program than I was in the beginning.

The reason I’m writing about this is to share how important I think wellness is. As we get older, the harder it is to stay in shape without actually doing something about it. So instead of having a nice dinner and cocktail at home or in a restaurant seven days a week, for the next six weeks three of those nights will be devoted to exercise. Whether it’s boot camp or any other form of exercise, I urge you all to do something to keep your body and mind in shape.

Monday is the first night of Passover, next Friday is Good Friday, and next Sunday is Easter. To those of you who observe these holidays, enjoy them and be safe. I’ll be traveling (and will have to make up the missed boot camp sessions), and since many people observe Good Friday, there will be no blog posting next week. Assuming boot camp doesn’t do me in, look for my next posting on April 25th. Enjoy your holidays, everyone.