June 11, 2020

Webinar Recap: Business Rebound – Preparing for the Comeback

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Webinar Recap: Business Rebound – Preparing for the Comeback Coronavirus Resource Center

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

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Conducting business in the midst of a pandemic certainly poses challenges. But it also creates opportunities if you know where to look.  

Join us as Marcum’s panel of experts discuss financial and cybersecurity opportunities to consider as we move to the next phase of the “new normal.” 

We will also cover topics including:

Tax Opportunities – Be Aware of Changes and the Benefits Available to You.

The recently passed CARES Act and other Coronavirus relief and stimulus packages present opportunities from both a federal and state perspective. We will discuss tangible ways your company can benefit from these programs by deferring payments, taking advantage of tax credits or applying for cash refunds.

Tax Deductions, Credits, and Other Incentive Programs.

Federal and state governments offer many tax deduction and tax credit incentive programs that provide significant tax refund and credit opportunities. Now more than ever, businesses need to consider if they are eligible for these programs that could result in significant dollars to your bottom line. Find out how to take advantage of available tax deductions, credits and refund opportunities.

Cybersecurity While Working from Home – A High Stakes Balancing Act.

Remote workers have been successfully conducting business out of the office. But when they do eventually return to the office, how likely will it be that the computer they have used on their home network now has a malicious hacker on it, ready to get access to your corporate office? Learn how to properly extend security to your home and keep your business assets safe from outside forces.

“Lifebook” for Business.

We are experiencing real-time business continuity planning during this emergency. How can business owners and advisors better prepare for the next challenge? A Lifebook is normally a tool used in personal financial management. Using these techniques in business, we review topics such as succession planning, business valuation, and documenting key vendor relationships and customer information to better safeguard your business.

Our Panel

John Bonk, National Leader, State & Local Taxes
Andrew Finkle, Advisory Partner
Diane Giordano, Tax Partner
Peter Scavuzzo, Chief Information Officer
Jill Scher, Accounting Services Partner
Douglas Wildstein, Assurance Partner

Moderated by Carolyn Mazzenga, Long Island Office Managing Partner

Coronavirus Resource Center

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