Marcum’s International Individual Mobility Service team understands the value of worldwide human capital resources and assists individuals as well as companies better manage transfers worldwide.

As a service of the Firm’s International Tax Services Practice group, the team has the extensive expertise and technical knowledge to assist U.S. expatriate individuals living and working abroad, and foreign nationals living and working in the U.S., with pre-departure, post-arrival, and tax planning and compliance services at the individual level, as well as with planning, implementation, and coordination of the transfer of global employees at the company level. The Firm works closely with our global Leading Edge Alliance™ affiliates to assist clients with minimizing their worldwide tax burden, while coordinating tax planning and compliance services with the affiliates.

Why Choose Marcum?

Some of the many services provided by Marcum include individual income tax filings, FATCA compliance, tax cost projections, tax gross up and equalization calculations, pre-departure and post-arrival consultations, and tax planning and advisory services for companies, employees and individuals.

Tax Cost Projections

Marcum can provide tax cost projections related to the employee’s or individual’s move.

Pre-Departure Consultation

The employee or individual will receive pre-departure consultation from the home country’s affiliate in the home country or from Marcum before departing the U.S.

Post-Arrival Consultation

The employee or foreign national will receive post-arrival consultation from Marcum upon arriving in the U.S. or in the host country, from our affiliate.


Individual Income Tax Compliance Services

The employee’s or individual’s U.S. tax compliance and FATCA reporting will be serviced by Marcum. We can also coordinate foreign reporting with the international affiliates or the individual’s own accountant in the foreign country.

Tax Gross-up and Equalization Calculations

Marcum can prepare or review the tax gross-up and equalization calculations of employees.

Tax Planning and Advisory Consulting

We pride ourselves in providing high level, personalized, client-focused tax planning and advisory services. Our clients directly communicate and work with very knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Marcum.


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