The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps you standardize, integrate, and streamline your business processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness. Every industry has specific requirements and characteristics, making it critical to choose a system geared to those needs—think governmental agencies, financial institutions, and many more.

Even when you’ve made the right choice, however, some level of customization may still be necessary. Customization frequently helps organizations seamlessly integrate their legacy systems or new applications and technologies so they’re able to unleash their systems’ full potential.

Marcum Technology’s application development team assists with the entire automation lifecycle:

  • Identifying system requirements that are missing from the system.
  • Designing interfaces for integrations with – and custom imports from — your current systems, or designing entire new modules and reporting databases and processes.
  • Determining the necessary system specifications.
  • Collaborating with your staff to assess needs and design, create, implement, test, and get the needed solution up and running.


When you work with Marcum Technology, you’re not just working with highly knowledgeable, experienced technology professionals. Marcum Technology is part of Marcum LLP—one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the nation, with offices in major U.S. business markets, and select international locations.

Marcum’s professionals understand accounting systems from the inside out. It’s in our DNA. It gives us a significant leg up on competitors that view your issues from a strictly technological perspective.

In addition, application development requires significant collaboration to get it right. At Marcum Technology, we understand that getting your ERP system to where you want it is a team effort.

Let Marcum help you unleash your ERP system’s full potential. For more information, contact [email protected].


1. Productivity

Automation can address any number of productivity issues. For example, accounting system loopholes can allow a project that has been closed out to be selected and posted as a journal entry. To fix the problem, Marcum creates a smart rule in your ERP system to block closed jobs from being reposted, saving you the time it takes to correct erroneous entries.

2. Integration of Legacy Systems

Marcum’s team helps you avoid needless duplicate entry and other manual tasks that increase the likelihood of errors. Marcum’s team has integrated literally hundreds of systems, facilitating the flow of appropriate data into or out of clients’ accounting systems.

3. Workflow and Functionality

Sometimes, a process that’s integral to a client’s business isn’t built into the ERP software “out of the box.” Rather than the client having to change its established processes to fit the new system, Marcum customizes the system to accommodate the client’s workflow or add missing functionality.


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