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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Does your private foundation have new board members? Do you have staff that are new to the world of private foundations? Do you have a rising new generation ready to get involved with running your foundation? Could anyone you know use a refresher? Then don’t let them miss this complimentary webinar!

Using private foundations is a popular way for corporations or individuals and their families to establish long-term charitable giving programs. Such entities are exempt organizations under IRC § 501(c)(3) and enjoy many benefits. However, these organizations are also subject to many rules and regulations that restrict their activities, some of which are highly complicated or have various exceptions that may apply. Accordingly, it is important that transactions are structured carefully to avoid any problems and the resulting penalties, which can be quite severe. Due to the complexity of these issues, it is important that both your board and management team know where the risk areas are and know how to avoid them.


  1. Self-dealing
  2. Minimum distribution requirements
  3. Charitable use assets
  4. Program related investments
  5. Expenditure responsibility grants
  6. Excess business holdings
  7. Net investment income taxes
  8. Unrelated business income
  9. And more…


Frank Smith – National Leader, Nonprofit Tax & Business Services
Marla Esan – Director, Tax & Business

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