Securing sufficient energy sources such as oil, gas, coal, electricity, and alternative fuels is a global issue that confronts executives, government and consumers.

Marcum offers audit and consulting services to both publicly traded and privately held small and mid-market companies in the oil, gas, and mining industries. These companies often face rigorous requirements imposed by stakeholders, including governments. Other challenges include fluctuating commodity prices and currency movements, tax optimization, efficiency and sustainability, as well as the health and safety of employees and the community. Cost management, enhanced profitability, cash conservation and risk analysis are imperative in light of the volatility of this global industry.

The oil and gas industry not only has large, upfront capital requirements, but it also faces the challenges of particularly complex regulatory and tax standards. These issues are further compounded by the vast uncertainty that the future impact of geopolitical, environmental, and new legislation will have on the industry.


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Bradley  Currey

Bradley Currey


  • Advisory
  • Houston, TX
David  Grossman

David Grossman

Partner-in-Charge - Assurance Services

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Jeff  Houston

Jeff Houston

Office Managing Partner

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Martin  Martinez

Martin Martinez

Partner-in-Charge - Tax Services - Houston; National Practice Leader - ASC 740

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Nico  Thomas

Nico Thomas


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Taylor  West

Taylor West

National Leader - Valuation Services

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  • Houston, TX
Guler Ann  Wiefling

Guler Ann Wiefling


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  • Houston, TX