February 23, 2023

Not Engaging a Managed Service Provider can be a Financial Mistake

By George Louris, Vice President of Managed IT Services, Marcum Technology

Not Engaging a Managed Service Provider can be a Financial Mistake Managed IT Services

With global competition, technology has become an essential part of businesses. Rapid technological advancements have led to an increased focus on IT operations and how those operations can help companies reach their goals.

Are you avoiding hiring a managed service provider because you think it’s time-consuming, unnecessary, costly, or maybe you feel you have more control with your own staff?

Many companies make the mistake of avoiding a managed service provider due to financial or time constraints. But by not using a managed service provider, businesses can miss out on numerous opportunities.


A managed service provider (MSP) is an organization that provides IT management and support services to businesses. Usually, this covers remote monitoring and management of networks and systems, including back-up and recovery, security, and patching of both on-premises and cloud-hosted technology over the internet or in private networks.

MSPs are subject matter experts that make recommendations based on extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and understanding of the client’s specific environment. Additionally these comprehensive services reduce costs while providing specialized support such as cybersecurity protection or application hosting services.


An MSP, can manage your entire infrastructure/IT operations or manage portions of it (“co-managed” services) such as help desk services and infrastructure monitoring and management, allowing your organization to focus solely on your core business activities. MSPs also provide technical expertise in strategic planning, cybersecurity management, security software updates, and more.

Also through 24x7x365 proactive monitoring, MSPs can proactively identify potential issues before they become critical problems that affect day-to-day operations. This allows organizations to improve workload performance and optimize IT costs.

MSPs can handle all of the necessary tasks with a dedicated team of professionals who work to ensure that they meet all your business’s IT needs. MSPs offer the expertise of experienced technicians, providing your company with the peace of mind that its systems and data are in good hands.


Utilizing an MSP can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. MSPs provide companies with reliable, cost-effective IT services and support that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve independently.

Engaging an MSP is a wise financial decision for any business seeking to maximize IT budget while keeping costs down. Hiring the expertise needed to handle the ever-changing world of IT can be costly. By working with an MSP, organizations can reduce the costs associated with IT operations, support, and maintenance. As well as save on opportunity cost of not being able to focus on strategic initiatives because of having to focus on IT instead.

Here are just a few of the ways that working with an MSP can benefit your organization:


If you’re a small or medium-sized company, you typically don’t have the budget to hire a CTO or CIO. At Marcum Technology, we offer the services and expertise to cover those positions at a fraction of the cost while providing comprehensive IT coverage.

While some businesses assume it gives them more control and a quicker response time for issues to have an employee in an in-house IT role, it actually limits their ability to respond to just what one or a few people can manage. They are also limited to the knowledge level of those particular employees, rather than an extensive team.

Working with an MSP like Marcum Technology allows the ability to access many individuals, who encounter far more situations and have more experience handling those situations, a level of expertise you could not capture even with an extremely highly accomplished, highly paid in-house IT department.


An MSP can help organizations improve their IT processes, leading to increased efficiency. This translates into greater productivity and thus cost savings. Additionally, MSPs can provide a higher level of service and quicker support than an in-house team usually can, improving customer satisfaction.

At Marcum Technology, our remote monitoring capabilities allow us to comprehensively monitor all aspects of your infrastructure while our team addresses alerts on a 24x7x365 basis. So, if something fails or is about to fail, we’ll get an alert and proactively address it.


With an MSP, businesses can take advantage of flexible solutions customized to their specific needs. At Marcum Technology, we offer packages that are tailored to the needs of your particular industry, ensuring there aren’t any gaps in coverage or security as we address IT issues.


The recruiting process is arduous and costly, it is even more costly if you need to weed out a bad hire and start all over again. For over 20 years, clients have chosen Marcum Technology to pinpoint where value can be added, money saved, and operations streamlined. We have combined knowledge gained over time that one or even multiple employees alone can not rival.


A well-rounded managed service provider can give companies access to expertise and ongoing recommendations for storage, networking, security, and compliance with industry standards.

At Marcum Technology, we are constantly monitoring and supporting your environment so we are very familiar with it as we become your IT department. This allows us to make recommendations based on what we see in real-time, whether that’s upgrades or migrating to different technology.

We also use our experience and background working with all of our other clients to see trends in different verticals and industries to help inform those recommendations.


Without the help of an MSP, companies are left to tackle the complex IT landscape on their own. This can be a costly endeavor that often leads to wasted time and money as well as increased risk exposure.

An MSP can provide numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. By engaging with the right MSP, companies can access technical expertise you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, saving money in the long run by reducing risk and ensuring your systems are up and running with minimal downtime. Lower your costs and increase your expertise with Marcum Technology as your MSP.

If you have any questions on how an MSP can help your business, email us today at [email protected].