Investments in preventive technologies such as antivirus, anti-malware and firewalls have increased, but security incidents large and small still happen daily. That’s why rapid detection and response are critical factors in your overall security posture.

Unfortunately, updates, patches and new firewalls simply aren’t enough. After analyzing your specific environment and the data flow in and out of your network, Marcum Technology’s consulting professionals take a holistic approach to designing a security solution for your organization. For one flat monthly fee you also receive insights that enable you to proactively change your security policies and procedures, helping you minimize the possibility of negative events like breaches, data loss and other incidents.

No one can promise a 100% guarantee against cyberattacks, but rapid detection and response are critical. That’s where Marcum Technology, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), comes in. Marcum’s Managed Cybersecurity Services not only alert you to network security concerns, but our MSSP team also works with you to remediate and mitigate risks, conduct due diligence and satisfy legal or audit requirements.

Isn’t it time to consider a different, more holistic approach to protecting your organization against cyberattacks? For more information, contact