Is your IT department aligned with and enabling the organization’s strategic direction?

Most industry-leading organizations conduct annual strategic planning sessions to set priorities for the upcoming year, establish capital and operating budgets, and identify critical new strategic initiatives. Is your IT organization fully integrated with that process?

Is your technology aimed at increasing revenue and customer sales? Can your systems identify better margin opportunities and reduce your inventory and costs? If the answer is, “No,” can you really say that IT is enabling the organization’s strategic priorities?

A succinct, easy-to-follow IT road map.

At Marcum Technology, experienced consultants focus on aligning your business and IT objectives and priorities. You receive a strategic, easy-to-follow IT road map that succinctly aligns the business with your IT operations, financials and priorities. The road map supports the idea that IT exists to enable the business to run more smoothly and efficiently, create better insights and inform management decisions, reducing costs and delivering a greater competitive advantage.

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Marcum Technology’s Strategic Road Mapping Methodology

  • Define, review, and align IT with strategic business priorities.
  • Document and assess how and how effectively IT enables strategic business priorities.
  • Define the changes needed by IT to fully enable business priorities.
  • List the initiatives that support the realization of IT-enabled business priorities.
  • The initiative list should contain the timeframe, required resources, budget, business case, and priorities.
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