Are you acquiring a business, business unit, product or service?

Marcum Technology conducts rapid, deep dives into targets’ IT operations and infrastructure. A proper due diligence process examines the formal IT organization and IT “shadow” areas that may exist in other parts of the organization, such as business systems sitting in the business units, such as CRM and other systems operated by marketing, e-commerce systems and outsourced operations provided by IT suppliers.

Among the most critical areas of any IT due diligence process is cybersecurity. It’s also the area where many organizations have simply not kept pace. Lack of proper cybersecurity systems and practices can be extremely costly in terms of dollars lost as well as expensive fines and penalties, to say nothing of the potential harm to an organization’s reputation.

Marcum Technology’s experienced IT due diligence team assesses the functional currency and capability of your potential target’s technology systems, including the network and system architecture, and the use of third-party systems and cloud providers. We also review the target’s current technology spend to determine if additional investments are needed to update to full effectiveness.

Review the list of items covered during Marcum Technology’s IT due diligence process.

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