Mergers and acquisitions are typically fertile grounds for IT integration and restructuring that uncover and unlock value. Harmonizing the IT organizations helps make it possible to realize the merger or acquisition’s full value. Bringing organizations together typically requires standardization on common technology platforms, unifying data structures, and creating shared processes—with the goals of eliminating redundancies and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, to release pent up capital, it’s important to look beyond the IT organization and examine the burdens technology can create in the business IT supports—such as overstaffing, uninformed decision-making, slow sales, higher inventory than necessary, and diminished customer satisfaction. Marcum Technology’s post-merger and acquisition IT integration services team has extensive experience with domestic and international transactions across industries.

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Create an Effective IT Integration Strategy and Structure

  1. Establish an IT strategy aligned with the organization’s goals and flexible enough to handle unforeseen events; and
  2. Design a project team structure and deploy an experienced IT Integration Project Team.

Establish an Integration Plan for All IT Activities

The plan is designed to help you successfully manage change and reach your ultimate goals as quickly as possible and includes:

  1. Collaboration among Marcum cross-functional teams;
  2. IT activities that align with and support your business objectives; and
  3. Timelines that hold integration team members accountable for results.

Implement Post-Close Value Creation

Post-close value creation includes addressing any changes to the new entity’s IT management team that may be necessary, eliminating redundant processes and functions; combining and improving the IT organization, systems and infrastructure; aligning cybersecurity systems and processes identified during the pre-close due diligence process; and more.

Monitor and Communicate Integration Progress

The IT Integration Project Team monitors progress, creates accountability, keeps everyone engaged, and ensures executives and the overall PMO are apprised of integration progress.


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