Unlocking capital and value in IT—and throughout the business it serves—is time-consuming. In addition, it’s often difficult for staff members responsible for implementing your IT solutions to adopt an unbiased view regarding their future.

Restructure IT to find value traps.

At Marcum Technology, we realize changing conditions and the simple passage of time are good reasons to re-examine long-standing technology. Often, it takes a trusted advisor to recognize value that may be trapped due to changing business conditions and priorities, or just inertia.

Marcum’s consultants have identified significant capital and value trapped in technology, and in under-producing IT departments and contracts. Trapped IT value is also frequently found in business units outside IT, and Marcum’s consultants are experienced in looking beyond the immediate IT boundaries to identify value creation opportunities across the enterprise.

Could your organization release additional value that’s hiding in plain sight? For more information, contact [email protected].

Marcum understands your business issues and the technology to address them.

Successfully releasing trapped value requires an understanding of finance, operations, sales and marketing in addition to the technology involved. Marcum Technology professionals look beyond the technology to the governance, organization, and impact technology has on your business operations.

As your single-source technology advisor with full-service capabilities, Marcum has the knowledge and wide-ranging experience you need. After all, Marcum Technology is affiliated with Marcum LLP, one of the nation’s largest independent public accounting and advisory firms, with offices in major markets across the U.S. and select international locations.

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