July 20, 2020

Under Attack – Protecting Your DNS Infrastructure

By Kevin Kerrigan, Marcum Technology

Under Attack – Protecting Your DNS Infrastructure Technology Consulting

It was recently discovered that a bug exists in the Microsoft DNS Server code that could leave your infrastructure open to attack. The good news is, Marcum Technology clients are protected.

Last week, Microsoft issued an alert about a critical Windows Server bug that could allow company networks to be easily compromised by hackers, enabling them to seize control of IT infrastructures. Microsoft issued a patch for the bug and a registry fix to mitigate the issue for older machines.

It turns out that the bug is 17 years old, though it remains an issue today for Windows Server versions from 2003-2019. The bug received a severity warning of 10 – the highest allowed. Most concerning is that the bug is wormable, meaning a single exploit of the flaw can trigger a chain reaction that allows attacks to spread from one computer to another.

We’ve been hard at work since the release of the patch, to protect Marcum Technology customers. Marcum Technology’s Managed Services Network Operations Center has been pushing emergency security patches and registry fixes to affected servers.

If your infrastructure has not been remediated for this threat, contact Marcum Technology at 800.331.6546 or by email at hello@marcumtechnology

We can help protect your network.